#crossontherock – A Racing Journal

In the summer of 2017 one of the Oak Bay Bikes' staff, Lee, was talking to his co-workers about cross racing (#crossisathing) and everybody told him that he should try it. [...]


OUR BIKE ROSTER:   -2016 Norco Search C 105, 55.5cm only -- $2439.99 (reg $3499.99) -2016 Norco Valence SL Disc Ultegra Di2, 53 & 55cm only -- $4499.99 (reg $7499.99) -2016 [...]

Kris Kross is Done

We hated cancelling Kris Cross in December but the snow and risky drive over the Malahat caused us to put things off until January.  Fortunately Cowichan Exhibition was extremely accommodating when we asked [...]

Kris Cross January 22nd 2017

Race day is drawing closer! And the weather gods seem to be in a better mood than on the original race date in December --- no ice or snow, just rain [...]