Winner Winner Tandem Ride Pizza Dinner

This is our 3rd annual Velo-tine Tandem-Ride-Pizza-Date contest.   You want to surprise your other half by taking them out for a tandem ride and a pizza (large, for sharing [...]

#crossontherock – A Racing Journal

In the summer of 2017 one of the Oak Bay Bikes' staff, Lee, was talking to his co-workers about cross racing (#crossisathing) and everybody told him that he should try it. [...]

Island [e-]Hopping

When not riding bikes or planning all kinds of adventures, Susan takes care of Oak Bay Bicycles’ marketing and event coordination and has been riding all sorts of bicycles ever since she was [...]

BIKE PACKING EVENT: Wed, May 23rd, 7pm

WEDNESDAY, MAY 23rd, 7PM AT THE SHOP (1990 Oak Bay Ave)   Join us for a fun event and learn about Kevin & Joel's and Andreas & Seamus' adventures! They sure [...]