Winner Winner Tandem Ride Pizza Dinner

This is our 3rd annual Velo-tine Tandem-Ride-Pizza-Date contest.


You want to surprise your other half by taking them out for a tandem ride and a pizza (large, for sharing – obviously) at our friends the Fernwood Pizza Company?


Send an email to and tell us WHY this would be the perfect Valentine’s surprise for you and your other half, deadline is February 13 at noon.


Obviously, this is going to be a highly subjective committee decision and the winner will be informed on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2019 (in case you needed a little reminder when that is).


The winner picks the ride-and-date-day. And once committed to a day the winners have to roll up to the Fernwood Pizza Company on the tandem… obviously!

Here’s a little #throwback to last year’s winners, Claire & Torsten, who enjoyed “a pretty unique and special way to spend their first day off together in two months”.