Is an e-bike for you?

Do you need to go places? Do you like to have fun? Do you like to move around hassle free? Answer YES to any of those and chances are an e-bike is for you.


If a car is your typical mode of transportation, a bike sounds like going from comfort and familiarity to physical stress and unknowns. With an e-bike the transition is actually to efficiency, cost savings and most of all, feeling better about yourself. The (Greater) Victoria commuter has discovered that our city has exceeded its ability to accommodate the demand for road space at more than just peak hours. Getting around by car is bordering on absurd. Moving 3000lbs at an average speed of 25km/h and then paying to park is just what folks do because that’s what they’ve always done.


Well, its 2019. Today you can glide to your destination at that speed, park for free within a few meters of your door, all, while having enjoyed the ride. Really, it’s that way! Now take it a step further and imagine people start recognizing this and trying it. It won’t be long before the number of single occupancy cars starts going down and the roads open up a little, noise goes down, air gets cleaner, parking eases and folks are healthier. Life for everyone improves. Its time to try an e-bike and not just because they’re fun.

(Karl Ullrich, owner)