It’s the season…

The days are getting shorter and colder – and wetter. Hello Vancouver Island fall with your frosty mornings, misty and rainy days, and -sometimes- sun-soaked afternoons.


Check your lights. Consider buying daylight running lights. They make you seen all day and night long and increase your safety. It’s the law (in BC) to be visible from 150 meters from half hour before dusk til half an hour after dawn..


Check your brakes and lube your chain. Wet conditions are tougher on any bike. Giving your bike a little bit of extra TLC will pay off. If you don’t know how to maintain your bike – hand it over to professional mechanics and/or attend a Repair Clinic.


Fender up – keeps you dry AND others (happy). Reflective fenders add an extra safety feature to your bike.


Layer up. The more layers you put on the more layers you can take off when temperatures rise during the day. It’s as simple as that. Plus, the more layers the more space between those layers for air to warm up to keep your body warm.


Wear breathable clothing. Sweat and moisture need to be transported away from your body. If waterproof clothing doesn’t have that feature you’ll be just as sweaty-wet as if you’re riding in a cotton shirt with a plastic bag on top.


Wear bright colours so others can see you. Highlight the moving parts that make you recognizable as human—your feet and legs—with high-vis colours during daylight and reflective material at night. The right shoes, socks, and warmers can all help you draw attention to these moving parts to create a visual impact. After daytime running lights, biomotion is your next step toward detectability. Plus, high visible colours brighten up any rainy day (at least a bit). There are enough “bike ninjas” (dressed in black) on the roads already, brighten up the landscape!


Stay safe & keep on ridin’!




— Endura Urban Luminite Jacket $229.99

— Bontrager Solstice Helmet $54.99 (MIPS $89.99)

— Bontrager Vostra Shoe $139.99

— Serfas Apollo USB LED Lights Combo $47.99

— Craft Siberian Glow Glove $79.99

— Bontrager Halo “5” Socks $26.99




— Giro Dime Helmet $49.99

— 49°N Spoke Ornaments $9.99

— Norco Mermaid Run Bike 10″ $165

— Endura Luminite II Jacket $119.99

— 49°N Streamers $7.99




— Sugoi Evolution Midzero Bibtight $159.99

— Raceblade Long Fenders $89.99

— Craft Verve Glow Jacket $179.99

— Bontrager Circuit Helmet $199.99

— Sugoi Zero Plus Glove $44.99

— Sugoi Resistor Bootie $59.99




— Icebreaker TechLite T-Shirt $100

— Chromag Pinner Shorts $130

— Smith Forefront 2 Helmet $240 (MIPS $280)

— FiveTen Freerider Pro Shoe $199.99

— Spank Spoon Flat Pedals $114.19

— 100% Brisker Glove $51.99

— Bontrager Rhythm Shoe $249.99

— Maxxis Minion Tires $111.99

The above selection of clothing is a subjective staff pick – hopefully it’ll prove helpful.

(Items subject to availability.)