Taking a break in 2018.

To the Victoria Gran Fondo Doppio community,


Many of you are aware that we were considering a route change as a result of the Great Trail connection between Shawnigan and Westshore. The Malahat has always been a concern and given an alternative it seemed obvious to take advantage. After numerous passes over this connection it is clear that it is not an appropriate alternative for the Doppio. Simply put, its too steep and narrow to be used at the tail end of a 260km event.


The Doppio was born out of passion for big rides and the scenic south island terrain. The evolution of the event stayed true to those beginnings while trying to open the experience to a broader group. An epic ride that so many who hesitantly started became amazed at completing with dignity. This was only possible because of the energetic support of dozens of volunteers and critical resources supplied by generous sponsors. I’m tremendously grateful to all those who have contributed and trust they enjoyed their role as much as I enjoyed their contribution.


We’re taking a rest in 2018.


The passion remains and a new Doppio will come. The standards we have set will be honoured so when you catch word of the Doppio being resurrected, rest assured it will be a special event worth burning 6000 calories for.


Karl Ullrich