What’s to come ..

Since 1934 Oak Bay Bikes has sold bicycles and serviced those that ride them; cyclists. Not exclusively, because we have done a few scooters and wheelchairs, but cyclists have always been our focus. E-bikes, as the name implies are bikes – the people that ride e-bikes are cyclists. Just as those that ride mountain bikes, road bikes, kids bikes are cyclists. Oak Bay Bikes serves cyclists.


We understand the differences that e-bikes represent in what they are and who may find them appealing. We started carrying e-bikes in 2006, and from the beginning we recognized the possibilities and the challenges in meeting the expectations of our customers. The idea was great, the first products delivered on the power assist but there were reliability and ride quality issues that needed to be overcome. And with today’s e-bikes they have been overcome.


At OBB we have given careful thought in selecting the e-bikes we think will deliver the overall experience our customers seek. What you see in our store is the product of 10 years of selling e-bikes and 80 plus years of selling bicycles. We have chosen these bikes based on how they ride, regardless of whether they are power assisted or unaided. We have chosen name brands with proven track records for excellent service and quality control such as Bosch and Shimano.


Performance and reliability come with a cost, $3000 or more for a bike is a respectable financial investment. With that in mind we have our Demo on Demand program, the purpose of which is take the guess work out.

Try the bike where, when and how you like, we’ll deliver it to you and pick it up when you’re done. Some time and distance restrictions apply, but you’d be surprised at the length we’ll go to to give you an opportunity to ride one of our e-bikes.


These bicycles are for anyone who think they like pedaling. They are not an expression of your fitness, health or enthusiasm. If you like pedaling, you’ll like e-bikes, end of story.


Not afraid of being on the leading edge of what will be a major part of cycling in the future? If you’re not already a part of the cycling community, but think you’d like to be? Please visit us. ——————————————————– (Karl Ullrich, Owner)