March and April, the “Kaiser” decided, are going to be MSRP-free on selected 2016 Norco models!

Ever wondered what MSRP stands for? —- Well, never mind! Better check out those sweet deals on the RANGE and SIGHT 2016 models!





The RANGE is designed for wide-open, aggressive enduro racing.


Featuring ground-up design with category-bending, the RANGE is an enduro race rig and the ideal backcountry accomplice – perfect for exploring shale-covered slopes and remote mountain ranges.


Its A.R.T. suspension helps the bike climb with impressive efficiency, but it really comes alive by delivering unrivaled high-speed control and confidence when the trail turns downhill.


It might be the only bike you ever take out of your garage…


Range C7.1. – detailed Specs and Geometry  
Spring Special Sale $4999.99 (medium only / reg MSRP $8499.99)

Range C7.4 – detailed Specs and Geometry
Spring Special Sale $3199.99 (reg MSRP $4499.99) 




Delivering a perfectly balanced and incredibly efficient ride experience, the SIGHT is the complete package for modern, all-mountain riding.


Its short, ultra-stiff rear end slack head angle begs for it to be ridden far and fast. Its all-mountain tuned A.R.T. suspension system powers riders to the top of the steepest climbs and delivers grin-inducing playfulness and confidence-inspiring capability on the downs. This is the ultimate all-mountain weapon.


This bike is DIALED! There is a reason it won Outside Magazine’s “Gear of the Year” award and Bicycling Magazine’s “Editor’s Choice” award in 2014 & 2015!


Sight C7.1detailed Specs and Geometry
Spring Special Sale $4999.99 (medium only / reg MSRP $7999.99)

Sight C7.4detailed Specs and Geometry
Spring Special Sale $2999.99 (reg MSRP $4199.99)



*MSRP stands for “manufacturer’s suggested retail price” (in case you really needed to know…..)