Shrew on a 29er

Can You Freeride a 29er?

Most of the XC riders around here have drunk the 29er Kool-Aid; bigger wheels just make sense in certain applications. Still, there is a lot of totally warranted skepticism about pushing bigger wheels into the All Mountain/Enduro/Feeride side of things.

So, can you freeride a 29er? Andrew took out this bike to see what big wheels can do. The point isn’t that big wheels are better for dirt jumping or freeriding et cetera, but just that the supposed tradeoffs in those areas aren’t nearly as serious as people think.


  • Steve Mitchell

    Ha, the burning 29’r question indeed.. Is that Andrew from Marty’s? is he working/ riding for Oakbay now?

    Steve Mitchell

  • Brian @ OBB

    Sure is!

  • Phil

    Great Video!
    What Song is that?

  • Brian @ Oak Bay Bikes

    Lorn – Greatest Silence

    glad you like it!

  • JJ

    I thought that the MTB manufacturers were coming out with 27″ wheels, that was what i was hearing. Any news or info on that?

  • Brian @ Oak Bay Bikes

    You probably mean 650B, which is another major can of worms. Last year it looked like it might catch on for MTB, this year most of the manufacturers abandoned it. Read up on it, it’s interesting stuff; some frames allow you to run 650B wheels on a stock 26″ bike as well!

    But yeah, it seems that 650B is staying in the rando circles for now.

  • Robert

    Where is that Trail at the end with the jumps?

  • Brian @ OBB

    Victoria BC, and that’s the most you’ll get out of us. Get out there and find/build stuff!

  • Jim Thompson

    Do Canadians just revert to the stantard system as you feel like it?
    73.66 does sound kinda not the same. But I am sure rounding up wouldn’t be too far out? However Americans do use metric for engine size–go figure?

  • Bev Jackson

    thats my boy!!!!!!!

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