Victoria Service

 Victoria Oak Bay Bikes Service Shop

At Victoria Oak Bay Bicycles, the service shop is a very important part of our experience with customers. Each bike that comes through our door is given an inspection by a qualified service writer, because every repair is unique. This is why we have a range on some of our shop pricing, because no one repair and no one bike will be the same. Appointments are not necessary, but if you have an upcoming event or race please book it in with us a few weeks in advance to give it the love it deserves before your big day.
Oak Bay Bicycles is proud to have a brand-wide 2-3 day repair turn around at all of our locations. This of course is dependent upon special circumstances and the time of year, but we will do our utmost to honour this commitment to you, our customer. After all, bikes are an important part of our life, so we understand how important they are to you.
Your bicycle purchased at Oak Bay Bicycles is warranted to meet your satisfaction. We will do all break-in related mechanical work at no-charge; we do not cover wear & tear. These commitments do not expire.

Pick Up and Drop off Service


Getting your bike to the shop for repairs a hassle?   Not in Victoria!
  • Call the Oak Bay Bikes Victoria at 250-598-4111  during store hours and ask for the Service Department.
  • We will make the arrangements for either a pick up or drop off or both!
  • The service runs between 4 and 7 pm Tues and Fridays.
  • 5$ one way within 5km radius, 10$ one way 5-10km radius. Ask for the fee if you’re outside the 10km radius.
  • This service is available at our Victoria store only.

OBB Shop Pricing:

Shop Labour Rate: $80/hrBasic

Basic Tune: $75
Includes: A full cleaning & inspection of the bike, wheel truing, brake & shifting adjustments as needed. (Parts extra).

Performance Tune: $110
Includes: Everything included in a Basic Tune, with the addition of a solvent tank Drivetrain clean. (Parts extra).

Major Overhaul: $150-$250
Includes: Full basic tune up, entire cleaning & inspection of the bike, solvent tank Drivetrain Clean, and inspection & service/replacement of all bearings on bike. (Parts extra).

Post Purchase Service: Free
This is a free service that applies to bikes which have been bought in the last 12 months at any OBB location. It includes basic cleaning, inspection, break-in related wheel truing, and brake/shifting adjustments. This does not include parts or if extra work is needed to get the bike back to near original condition.

Common Services:

  • Flat Repair*- $10
  • Tire Change*- $10
  • Stans Tubeless install $ 20 ( plus tape/valves)
  • Bike boxed- $35 (includes box and packaging)
  • Single Crown Fork Overhaul $60 (Not including seals and oil)
  • Dual Crown Fork Overhaul $90 (Not including seals and oil)
  • Dropper Post Overhaul- $75 and up
  • Brake Bleed- $30
  • Full-wrap fender install- $40- $120 (performance aluminum and carbon road bikes are more expensive)
  • Drivetrain Clean- $40
  • Spoke Replacement/Wheel True- $30-$85 (dependant on spoke)
  • Accessory Installation- $30 (unless indicated it will be more time-consuming)
  • Bike Bolt Check- $20 (check bolts, put air in tires, deem it safe for use, no cleaning, no new parts)
  • Kids bike tune-ups:$20- $150
  • The condition and complexity of kids bicycles vary so much that it is best to bring it in for evaluation.
  • Pedal Changes- FREE

*Does not include electric bikes.