Trevor MacKenzie’s Windsor Park Race Recap

Victoria Wheelers Windsor Park May 2015



Wheelers racers participated in our very own Windsor Park Crit over the weekend.  A big thanks to race team member Trevor MacKenzie for his A Race recap and well done to everyone who made it out and participated in the event.


Victoria Wheelers Windsor Park May 2015 2



This past Sunday the Wheelers hosted the first Windsor Park Crit of the 2015 season.  If you haven’t raced or spectated this event before you MUST put it on your calendar.  The weather is always beautiful, the racing is always furious, and the venue is the most spectator friendly of all the VCLs.



In the A race we had Stephane, Geoff, ARuss, Eugene and myself line up in a strong field of 28 racers.  Our game plan (as it usually is) was to keep the pace high, get guys off the front, animate the race, and get organized if it proved to be a bunch sprint.  This unfolded well for us with Wheelers being in every move and at most times having two guys off the front.  Strong threats were Curtis from RHs and Isaac from PCR.  Whenever Curtis went the pack thinned out and latched on to his draft.  He pushed a strong enough pace that when he slowed any counter was nulled.  We should have gone at these points in hopes of establishing a strong break.



Victoria Wheelers Windsor Park May 2015 3



There was never a threat from other teams getting away since we had Wheelers pushing the pace and covering each move.  In fact there were several Wheeler attacks that looked likely to stay away as the pack seemed tired in the chase.  Geoff’s move in the closing portion of the race was one of these moments.  He opened a solid gap that stayed until 2 laps to go.  Kudos to him as he still had enough jam to position himself strongly in to the sprint.



Victoria Wheelers Windsor Park May 2015 4



Coming in to bell lap I was positioned strong and managed to fight for 4th wheel.  I stayed safe and upright coming out of corner 3 and found room to open up a sprint.  Curtis out threw me at the line resulting in 4th place for me.



Stephane and Eugene got pinched in corner 3 resulting in some curb kissing and Stephane going down.  Nothing broken (bike or bones, thankfully) but an obvious factor in keeping these two out of sprint contention.  Rounding out the results for the Wheelers were Geoff in 8th, ARuss in 14th, and Eugene in 18th.



Victoria Wheelers Windsor Park May 2015 9


A huge thank you to Jenny Nanninga, Sonya Reuter, David Emery, and all of the other volunteers who had a hand in helping make this event a success.  Next up for the Wheeler races is Newton Heights on May 13.  See you there!


Trevor MacKenzie, Victoria Wheelers

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