Trevor MacKenzie on the Serfas TSL-LT1000 Headlight


I do a lot of my riding in the wee hours of the morning. As my kids are sound asleep their dad is out crushing intervals or taking down some Tripleshot sprint wins. In order to keep this up I rely on a critical piece of equipment that keeps me safe and keeps me riding fast.



The Serfas TSL-LT1000 headlight



When shopping for a light I was drawn to the Serfas 1000 for a few reasons…



First, it is a super compact unit with a load of pop (1000 lumens at it’s highest setting). The head unit is tiny – about half the size of my Garmin 510 unit – and locks on to the handlebars with a simple clamp that makes installing the light super easy. Its size is appealing not only because it’s sleek, but it also makes for a great helmet light (attachment included). I love this adaptability. I can use the same light on my early morning road rides that I use on my helmet for any night mountain biking I do. At 253 grams, including the battery unit, you’re tube, lever, and CO2 weigh more than this entire lighting unit.






Second, the design of the battery pack is superb. The 2 cell lithium ion battery is enclosed in a durable rubber casing that is Serfas’ smallest external battery pack ever created. This unit attaches nice and snug under my top tube behind my head tube. A Velcro strap (included with the purchase) holds the battery in place and some well-designed anti-slip rubber features on the battery pack itself guarantees the unit won’t be sliding around at all.






And last, battery life. The Serfas 1000 has several settings that give me some awesome options depending on the ride length I undertake:



  • Overdrive – 1000 lumens: 1 hour 40 minutes
  • High – 650 lumens: 2hours and 30 minutes
  • Standard – 450 lumens: 3 hours and 45 minutes
  • Low – 230 lumens: 8 hours 30 minutes
  • Flash/Strobe – 500 lumens: 7 hours



Depending on lighting conditions, ride length, and ride route, I can customize my light intensity to maximize battery life. When the battery is completely spent a full recharge takes approximately 4.5 hours. This is made easy with the included wall-charging unit. After each ride I just detach the batter pack unit, plug it in to charge in my garage, and it’s ready to go for the next ride.






This is my second Serfas light purchase. I also own the smaller TSL-S500 unit and have been super impressed with both lights.






Look for me on the road and I’ll be happy to show you the Serfas 1000 or 500 in action. I’ll be hard to miss – just look for the bright lights.

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