White Surly Pugsley

Surly Pugsley

Scotty is hoping for another dump of snow since we put together this Surly Pugsley, so blame him if it snows. It’s a 16″ in stormtrooper white, and if the parking lot test is any indication it’s going to be a blast on the trails when the weather gets nasty. It’s available at the OBB Victoria location. Click through to see another pic.


  • alan

    What a beautiful bike. Price is $1550 in US. How much is it in Canada?

  • Rick Robinson

    Any Pugsley’s in stock???? Looking for his and hers.

  • Brian @ OBB

    Just the 16″ in stock at the moment. I think price with this build ended up around $2300.

    Let us know what you want and we can get a 2nd one ASAP.
    -Brian @ OBB

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