Bike Rental

At our Victoria Oak Bay location, we have a well stocked  rental fleet of high end road and both full suspension and hard tail mountain bikes. All road bikes come equipped with a seatbag (including spare tube, CO2 inflator, cartridge and tire levers), and two water-bottle cages. Please bring your own pedals and we will be happy to install them. Toe clips or platform pedals are available for those who do not have their own.
For more information please call our Victoria store at 250.598.4111 or send us an email to [email protected].

Mountain Bikes

  • 2016 Norco Carbon sight 7.2 Lg
    • 2014 Norco Sight C 7.1 Lg
    • 2014 Norco Sight 7.2 M
    • 2014 Norco  Sight C7.4 LG Blk/Grn/Blu
    • 2014 Norco Sight C7.4 XL Pike Blk/Grn/Blu
    • 2014 Norco Sight C7.4 LG Pike Blk/Grn/Blu
    • 2014 Norco Sight C7.4 MD Pike Blk/Grn/Blu
  • 2016 Norco Optic A 9.1 Lg
    • 2016 Norco Torrent 7.1 Med
  • 2016 Specialized Camber Comp Med
  • 2014 Specialized Camber XL
  • 2016 Norco Range Med
  • 2016 Norco Range Lg
  • 2016 Specialized Rumor 650B Med
  • 2016 Specialized Camber comp 29er Lg
    • 2016 Specialized Camber XL
  • 2016 Norco Torrent 7.1 Fatty Med

Road Bikes

  • 2013 Norco Tactic DI2 55.5
  • Norco Tactic DI2 61
  • Norco Tactic blk 50.5
  • 2014 Norco Tactic 1 blk, 55.5
  • 2016 Norco Tactic SL disc 50.5
  • 2015 Norco Valence Ultegra 55.5 UD Carbon
    • 2015 Norco Valence C 105 50.5 UD Crbn/Cyan
    • 2015 Norco Valence C 105 53 UD Crbn/Cyan
    • 2015 Norco Valence Ultegra 60.5 UD Carbon
  • 2014 Specialized Ruby Sora 44
  • 2014 Specialized Dolce Sport C2 48
  • 2014 Specialized Roubaix 58
  • Norco Valence 50.5 blk ult
  • Specialized Ruby sora 54 blue

City Bikes

  • 2014 Norco City Glide Mixtie Tan
    • 2015 Norco City Glide 7sp Mixte MD Blue
    • 2016 Norco Rideau ST SM Burgandy
  • 2014 Norco Mens city glide blue MD
  • 2016 Norco  Sirrus disc med org Blue
  • Norco City Glide Mens LG Grn


  • 2016 EVO Step Med
    • 2016 RENTAL Evo E-Bike Step  Black LG
  • 2016 2016 RENTAL Felt Sport-e 95 St

Rental Rates

1 Day: $60
2-5 Days: $40/day
1 Week: $200/week

City Bike rentals: $10/hr, $16/2hr,$22/3hr, and $30/day(24hrs)


There are 3 bike boxes/travel bags available to rent for $75/week

We also have the following pedals for rent ($5):

  • SPD Pedals
  • SPD SL Pedals
 Garmin 810 GPS + Routes X 3 (20$ Per Rental)


1. You have to sign a waiver to make the lawyers happy.
2. Anyone under 19 years old needs a parent or guardian’s permission and signature.
3. You are responsible for the bike if it gets stolen.
4. You are responsible for any damage you do to the bike, including flats; we do thorough check-overs when the bike goes out and again when it comes back in.
5. You must obey all applicable laws while riding our bikes. This means you must wear a helmet, and you must have lights if you’re riding after dusk.
6. You’re responsible for bringing your own tools, tubes, pumps, water bottles, et cetera out on your rides. We do offer tool kits for rental ($10 per rental) that include a pump, a tube, tire levers, and a multi-tool; there is no extra charge if you use the tube from the kit on a flat.


We do sell our Demo/Rental Bikes in the fall of each model year. Usually they are aggressively priced; ask us if you’re interested in any specific model.

If you rent any of our road or mountain bikes and end up buying something similar from us we will give you the price of your rental off of the bike (up to 2 days).