BG Bike Fit

Oak Bay Bicycles uses Specialized’s proprietary BG Fit system (Body Geometry Fit Integration Technology), as it is the only complete bicycle fit system that will allow anyone to ride faster, longer and in greater comfort while greatly reducing the chance of injury. BG FIT is the most comprehensive fit system available to all riders, regardless of experience level or brand of bike. It goes beyond the basics and is an individualized, scientifically proven system focusing on all aspects of a rider’s position. Oak Bay Bicycles have 4 certified technicians at two of our locations.


What to expect at your BG Fit?

The BG Fit will typically last anywhere from 30 mins to 60mins depending on the individual. Our certified Technicians will determine your current issues, and correct them with minor adjustments in seat height and position, stem position, bar width, and anything else to get you riding longer and comfortably. Do wear comfortable clothing suitable for riding, as you will be cycling in one of our provided stationary bicycle trainers. Bring your cycling shoes, and pedals as well if you have them.


Currently, Oak Bay Bicycles has 2 employees who are Certified BG Fit technicians. Call to book an appointment today: 250-598-4111