Online Service Booking Oak Bay

Book your bike in for an appointment – online.
It’s as easy as this! (Victoria Oak Bay location only)


Please bring in your bike between 9am-10am on the day of the booked appointment. If you booked an appointment for a Sunday, please bring it in between 10am-11am. You can also drop off your bike the night before the appointment, we close at 6pm, Sundays at 5pm.


Please provide a SHORT description of what needs to be done. Our service writer will go over the bike with you when you drop it off (or after we picked it up).


We are looking forward to meeting you and your bicycle!

If you are unable to drop your bike off at the desired time, you can also arrange for your bike to be picked up and dropped off.


Our service shop can get very busy at times – especially during the summer, so we would recommend you book in your bike as far in advance as possible. Dates shown in black are available dates, all other dates are booked already.


This online booking service is not an email service and is strictly for booking a service appointment; and available for our Victoria Oak Bay location only. Please direct any service-related questions or or requests for pick-up/drop off to [email protected] (Oak Bay) or [email protected] (Westshore).

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