OBB Westshore: Norco Range 7.2 Carbon Review


The Bio on Blair Reid:


Blair Reid, is husband and father with a passion for all forms of mountain biking, including cross country, all mountain and downhill.  He has logged more miles at Mount Tzouhalem than most and while doing that spilled a bit blood and kept smiling the whole time.


The Review:




Just finished my second day riding my Norco Range 7.2 Carbon and I have a big smile from superb performance of the bike.   It absorbs jumps and rough terrain better than any other bike I have had.  The 27.5 inch wheels  provide excellent climbing ability so I can get to the downs faster than ever.  The upgrade to the Canecreek DB AIR and Enve wheels have provide additional performance resulting in even more fun.





I want to put out a special thanks to Chris Dickinson and his team at Westshore Oak Bay Bikes, by having the bike setup just the way I like it, quickly, even though they were super busy.  I have been dealing with Westshore Oak Bay Bikes for almost 2 years and have never been disappointed with their dedication to customer service and their wiliness to listen to yet another mountain bike story.





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