Marc Doucette’s Review on the Giro Synthe Helmet


About Marc Doucette

Marc Doucette is an Accountant by day, Citizen road racer by night. Newly into racing he aims to train hard and make his mark on the local cycling scene in years to come. You can follow him on twitter at @marcdoucette

The Review

I’ve been in the market for a new helmet for quite a while, probably about a year. Reading reviews, checking out opinions online and just plain old looking at what looked cool. So needless to say, narrowing down to the Giro Synthe was something I put a lot of effort in to.


So a bit about me – I’ve been cycling about 2 years and racing one. I race B for the Wheelers. I’m built on the heavier side for a racer, so being aero, to me, matters.


I picked up a matte black Giro Synthe about 3 weeks ago from Oak Bay Bikes. They say first impressions matter, and I have to agree. Giro, known for their knack for creating beautiful products, did not disappoint with the Synthe. The helmet slides into the emerging category of aero road – the happy middle ground in between an aero helmet and a traditionally heavily ventilated road helmet. Giro claims that this helmet is the fastest on the market across a number of different angles, while only being 250g and also having enough ventilation to remain cool.


So, data says it’s good – what about actual ride feel? First thing I noticed when I put it on was that it was quite comfortable – the RocLoc fit system and the pads they have chosen make for a snug, but very comfortable fit. Over longer rides, it’s a dream – it stays in place, doesn’t get annoying in any way and it remains comfortable. Another first impression is that the helmet is very quiet, especially if you tilt your head a bit – there’s a noticeable difference in sound. For me it also felt faster – which is a very subjective measurement, but one that matters to me.


Overall, I would highly recommend the Giro Synthe, I’m very very happy with it, I think it looks cool and I feel faster. It’s a win in my books.

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