Trail Check: Harbourview

As part of Freak Maps 2011 mapbook, Mountain Bike Vancouver Island, we’re doing a few “video trail checks” of local riding spots. The first one was of Partridge Hills. This second one is of Harbourview, one of the best all-mountain areas on the Island.

In the video Jarrett Moore, David Graham, and OBB’s Derek Kidd take us on a little rip on the mountain. Jason Headley helped us with some of the video as well.

The area has tons of variety, most of it accessed through a long fire-road climb. The park itself is quite large, and has uncharacteristically few trails in it; it’s a good idea to go with the mapbook as the trails are unsigned and it is easy to get lost. A wrong turn can make your ride into an unintentional 6 hour epic really quickly. Despite the long climbs, there are several more challenging, built up, technical trails.

The view from the top is stunning and totally worth the hour of hard climbing.

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