Bio on David Hilhorst:


Dave Hilhorst, a member of the Victoria Wheeler’s “A Team”, has been involved in competitive cycling for 20 years which included racing for Rocky Mountain Team back in 1997. Dave remains active with his bike accumulating an average of 10,000 km a year and is a 5 time finisher of the Victoria Gran Fondo.


The Review:






If you are the type of rider that does not let the weather dictate your riding schedule – this jacket is for you.


This jacket is more than suitable for any type of winter ride. Winter climbing session rides is where this jacket really excels. You can rest easy knowing that you can hammer on the climbs, completely burying yourself over and over until you are soaked with sweat – jacket unzipped, and then be completely shielded from the wind on the descent – jacket zipped up. It will keep you warm in the rain too.


The jacket’s breathable WINDSTOPPER Soft Shell fabric is extremely comfortable. Even on some of the most frigid of rides this season, I was warm enough with just a short sleeve Wheeler’s summer jersey as a base layer. The jacket can also double as a base layer / pajamas for snow tenting if you live half-way from here to the arctic, like our great pal in Prince George – Mr. Skinner!


Finally, I am enamored with red as the jacket’s color – it screams “LOOK, I’m on a bike. I’m not driving a confounded car! Please pass accordingly – give me at least 3 feet, please.”


So fellow Wheeler’s, spread the word – get a Gore, get on your bike and smash those winter Strava Climbing Challenges.


Huge thanks and a Kazillion Kudos to the incredible people behind the organization of this bike club – for putting this jacket on the prize table at the year end Wheeler’s party and awards ceremony … at the Fernwood Inn, of course!




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