Geoffrey Homer’s 2016 Norco Threshold


About Geoffrey Homer:

2015 marks Geoff’s third season as a Wheeler Race Team member. After a brief dalliance in mountain biking, he has focused his attention on the local road and cyclocross race scenes. Notable results from the 2015 road season include top ten’s at both the Cat 1 and 2 Cameron Law and Provincial Road Races; and, a victory at the Mt. Doug Hill Climb. Like many other Victorians, Geoff pays the bills working for the Provincial Government and when not working or riding, finds time to be a cat-dad and part-time music snob. His favourite movie is the French Connection, and favourite cyclist is Zdenek Stybar.


Geoffrey’s Review on the 2016 Norco Threshold



Well I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that the first thing I noticed about the new Norco Threshold was the colour. The matte mint, or whatever you want to call it, is pretty special and the non-uniform cable housing and bar-tape colouring adds that little extra bit of caché.




Thankfully, the ride lives up to the promise hinted at by the classy colour scheme…The new Threshold is just easy to handle. Even after two rides, the bike feels like an extra appendage. My guess is that it’s something about the well-thought-out top tube and head tube lengths, and how they position the rider on the bike. On previous CX machines I’ve always felt like I’m reaching, which means my arms are extended and not nearly supple enough to manipulate the bike as you need to in a cross race.




The hydraulic brakes are an absolute game changer. The power and lack of fade is just unimaginably better than a cantilever setup. I’d never go back. The oval rings are a nice touch, too. Maybe I’m drinking the Kool-aid a bit, but I’m beginning to believe that they benefit my pedal stroke and overall ability to sustain power over long periods.




Typical cross conundrum, but as of writing I’m still not set on a tire. I eschewed the clincher only (?!?) carbon rims that came stock on the bike in favour of some indestructible Iron Cross rims from Stan’s (Note: Fashionista Bruce feels that the Stan’s stickers are too gothic, so I’ll be removing them soon) just so I could go tubeless this year as there is a distinct advantage in cross to be able to race at a lower tire pressure. After some hopeless Schwalbe Racing Ralph’s I set up some Kenda Kwickers in time for the first Cross on the Rock of the year. They are an all-round tire – good, not great, in the dry and in the wet – and I’ve had no issues with flats to date.




Thanks again to OBB, Norco, Andrew and Bruce for all their hard work, kindness, generosity and patience.



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