Bosch E-Bike Systems

Drive unit, power pack and on-board computer: Each of the three products features the highest technical quality, together ensuring maximum riding enjoyment. The individual components of the Bosch e-bike system harmonize like a well-drilled team. The result is a perfectly coordinated combination for maximum efficiency, comfort and riding enjoyment.


Bosch e-bike Drive Unit Active Line Plus

– the heart of the system.


It is located in the bottom bracket and the cranks are attached to it, hence it is referred to as mid-drive system, and it houses the motor, electronic controller and sensors.


Three sensors measure pedalling power, cadence, and speed more than 1000 times per second. This enables the rider and the e-bike to interact with each other organically.


Bosch Powerpack / Powertube

– the energy source.
(available in 300, 400 or 500 Wh)


The battery offers simple handling, high energy density, exceptional mileage, low weight and long service life. Both frame and rack batteries are easy to remove for recharging at home. The Power Packs can also be conveniently charged directly on the bike.


Modern Bosch lithium-ion batteries do not suffer from memory effect or self-discharge issues. The battery will charge to 50% in about 2 hours, depending on the charger and Power Pack.


The Battery Management System offers maximum protection against overcharging, undervoltage, overheating and short circuits as well as extending the service life of the Power Pack.



Bosch Bord Computer PurionPURION – Focus on essentials and get all important information at the touch of a button: Purion stands for highest efficiency and precision.


INTUVIABosch On-Board Computer Intuvia – Control your e-bike easily and intuitively with Intuvia. The display can be easily read in all lighting conditions. Your hands remain safely on the handle bar thanks to the separate operating unit. You always have all riding data clearly in sight. You are always pedalling in the correct gear with the gear recommendation; this saves the battery and increases your range.


KIOXBosch On-Board Computer Kiox – Design meets functionality: With the Kiox on-board computer, you can keep track of the battery charge level, as well as your speed, heart rate and performance. Robust and small, the compact Kiox is the perfect training partner for ambitious riders.



A lightweight, quiet Bosch motor provides even more riding enjoyment without annoying extraneous noises. The innovative drive concept allows for a very light drive unit, weighing only 2.9 kg. The new Active Line drive unit is 25% smaller than before and, thanks to its compact size, allows improved integration within the bicycle frame. The intelligent 3-sensor concept takes more than 1,000 measurements per second to ensure a harmonious power characteristic. Experience harmonious acceleration with minimum pedal resistance when switched off or at over 32 km/h.


Power: 250W (max 295) | Support Level: Eco: 40/Tour: 100/Sport: 170/Turbo: 150

Max. Torque: 40 NM | Start-Up Behaviour: Gentle | Approx. Weight: <6.3lbs



The versatile Active Line Plus with its innovative drive concept impresses with its very light weight of only 3.2 kg. The drive unit provides gentle and reliable support for the rider through harmoniously balanced acceleration. Experience harmonious acceleration with minimum pedal resistance when switched off or at over 32 km/h. The intelligent 3-sensor concept of the drive unit takes more than 1,000 measurements per second to ensure a harmonious power characteristic. Bosch sets new standards with flowing shapes and harmonious lines.


Power: 250W (max 415) | Support Level: Eco: 40/Tour: 100/Sport: 180/Turbo: 270

Max. Torque: 50 NM | Start-Up Behaviour: Moderate | Approx. Weight: <7.1lbs



Whether trekking, all-mountain riding or commuting: The sporty Performance Line is the perfect choice for ambitious e-bikers. With a torque of up to 63 NM, full support is available even at a low cadence, This ensures powerful riding behaviour, especially when starting. Three sensors measure the torque, speed and acceleration more than 1,000 times per second. ensuring perfect interaction between rider and e-bike. Precise motor control and fast processing of the sensor signals minimise noise and vibration. The safe chain run prevents chain derailment and incorrect loading and also reduces wear. The riding modes available on the Performance Line offer sporty dynamic support.


Power: 250W (max 570) | Support Level: Eco: 50/Tour: 120/Sport: 190/Turbo: 275

Max. Torque: 63 NM | Start-Up Behaviour: Sporty | Approx. Weight: <8.8lbs



With a maximum torque of 75 NM, the Performance Line CX is the ideal drive for ambitious and demanding e-bikers. In eMTB mode, you always receive the required power – from Tour to Turbo. Up to 300% of perfectly delivered support, incredible dynamism and unique grip provide the best possible support on all terrains, as well as improved start-up behaviour. The progressive motor support automatically adapts to the individual’s riding style, so there is no need to change support modes in eMTB mode, and enables effortless riding and optimal traction thanks to improved control, even on challenging uphill sections or when encountering difficult obstacles. A torque of up to 75 NM ensures sporty acceleration even in alpine terrain, without changing gear.


Power: 250W (max 800) | Support Level: Eco: 50/Tour: 120/Sport: 120-300/Turbo: 300

Max. Torque: 75 NM | Start-Up Behaviour: Very Sporty | Approx. Weight: <8.8lbs