Extremely popular in Europe, electric assisted bikes (also known as Pedelecs) are on the rise in North America as well. With almost 10 years of experience in the e-bike sector, Oak Bay Bikes has witnessed the development of quite a few systems and models ranging from the very first BionX kits to the latest Bosch mid-drive motor technology. We know what matters and are happy to help you find the right bike and system for you.


We carry select brands like Cube, a German company rated highest in safety worldwide and all Bosch equipped, Shimano Steps, a Japanese company producing mid-drive motor bicycles as well as Electra Townies (Bosch motor), Specialized’s Turbo Bikes and a few Evo and Ohm models. Our selection in store >>>


There are a couple of different systems on the market using mid-drive motors or rear/front wheel assists. The rear/front wheel assist gives you the option to just use the throttle without pedalling. The motor is either in the front or the rear wheel (hub). Mid-drive systems provide power through the cranks of the bike. With most e-bikes, the mid-drive assist enhances your pedal stroke – so you must be pedalling.

Different systems, same terminology.

We tried to break down the top 4 (mis)applied terms when it comes to e-bikes:




.. tells you how much the battery can store. The more volts a battery can store the more kilometers you get out of a charge. The more range you want, the heavier and larger the battery.



.. amp-hour rating is how much energy capacity is in your volt-pack.



.. = volts + amps and is the power of the motor. All e-bikes are governed at 32km/hr, but the higher the watts the faster the e-bike will accelerate to 32km/hr.



.. is the ability to rotate the rear wheel. A higher torque will rotate the wheel easier and create more acceleration which enables the e-bike to maintain speed on changing terrain (hills, etc) and under load with less effort. It is measured in Newton Meters.



VOLTS — water pressure

AMPS — how much water or, how small or big is a river

WATTS — both, volt and amp or, a small & slow river, or a small $ fast river, or …



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