2015 Cross on the Rock Final




Victoria Wheeler Race Team member Trevor MacKenzie provides this recap of the COTR season-ender. Congrats on a great season to all Wheelers who partook in the series. Well done!






Last weekend the Cross on the Rock series finale was hosted by Oak Bay Bikes at the ever-scenic Shawnigan Lake School venue. Perfect CX weather and a demanding course saw over 350 racers hammer through gravel, run up stairs, carve down descents, and splash through mud. It was a tough finish to an unforgettable year.






Personally I am so amazed with the commitment from all those involved in making the series what it is: the best cyclocross series in Canada. From Norm, Roland, Katie, and the Council of Cross, to the various clubs and bike shops who lend their support, to the municipalities and facilities for allowing us to use the space, to the sponsorship team who donate prizing and time, to the racers and spectators who bring it all together, I love being a part of COTR.






And a huge shout-out to Paul and the Rumble team for the continued support of the Victoria Wheelers Race Team. When nourishing the engine after a hard fought battle, there’s nothing better than Rumble.






The oh-so-talented Geoff Robson was on site for the Shawnigan race capturing the pain and joy that is cyclocross. Geoff’s talent cannot be understated. He is a bike racer himself and has an eye for the action. He is drawn to the depth of cycling whether it’s old bikes, sweet trails, or classic apparel, he knows his stuff. His work is timeless and resonates with us all. Thanks Geoff, for these sweet pics.






Until COTR 2016, enjoy.




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