Fear And Loathing In The Desert

  “In a city filled with Collagen lips, Botoxed faces, and fake boobs. You could use a little real.” While watching Football this was a commercial that made me take notice. It’s a bit of a pisstake from a local dealership, but I think there’s…



    Under the BC SCRAP-IT Program you can save up to $400 off the purchase of a new bike (including e-bikes). A 10% discount, up to $100 at the point of sale and the remainder of up to $300 from SCRAP-IT when you purchase…


Trevor MacKenzie

Father, Husband, Teacher… Reaper of souls on the bike. Trevor MacKenzie has been an incredibly prominent figure in the Victoria cycling community this past year, most notably for being an incredibly strong rider and winning the VCL A category overall. However, behind the scenes Trevor…