Trevor MacKenzie

Father, Husband, Teacher… Reaper of souls on the bike. Trevor MacKenzie has been an incredibly prominent figure in the Victoria cycling community this past year, most notably for being an incredibly strong rider and winning the VCL A category overall. However, behind the scenes Trevor is also the team captain […]


Sugoi Zap Jacket

Sometimes our love of cycling  forces us to commute and train in the dark, making it essential to be visible at night. The Sugoi Zap Collection will keep you visible in low light conditions. When hit by lights in low-light conditions, this breathable, waterproof men’s bike jacket emits an all-over, mega-watt […]

cyclocross is here blog

Cyclocross is Here!

10% ALL CYCLOCROSS BIKES UNTIL THE END OF SEPTEMBER   Cyclocross Bikes are designed for the discipline of Cyclocross—basically a mix of road riding and mountain biking —  but have since become some of the most popular bikes on the market. The CX bike is a do everything bike. While […]