… FOR SCRAPPING YOUR CAR   Are you looking to get rid of your old gas-guzzler and decided to go “e” instead? Scrap the car and benefit from the BC SCRAP-IT Program when buying an electric bicycle.   Oak Bay Bicycles is a participating retailer which means that when you scrap your car you […]

It’s the season…

The days are getting shorter and colder - and wetter. Hello Vancouver Island fall with your frosty mornings, misty and rainy days, and -sometimes- sun-soaked afternoons.   Check your lights. Consider buying daylight running lights. They make you seen all day and night long and increase your safety. It's the [...]


And again - oops, Christmas is just around the corner and you have no idea what to put into that crazy roadie's stocking or how to find a useful present for the frugal friend who has a flat every 2 weeks?   Look no further - we've got you covered!   We [...]