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Victoria’s own Adam de Vos is having a stellar season with his Team H&R Block UCI Continental Team. Ever since Adam got his first mountain bike Oak Bay Bikes has been his shop of choice. Recently when Adam was back home we were able to pick his brain a bit on his season, his training, and his goals for the future. Thanks Adam and best of luck in 2015 and beyond!

OBB: You’re having a breakthrough season with Team H&R Block riding as the team leader and having the full support of a strong crew of riders. What changed during your offseason that you could attribute this success to?

AdV: Definitely hiring a coach, Chris Baldwin, was the biggest change. Following a well laid out plan, I did less hours this winter but much more specified work. Lots of stuff working on building strength. Low cadence type stuff really benefited me and it makes you a lot more resilient.
OBB: With a bunch of super impressive results to date in 2015 with a 4th place in the GC at the San Dimas Stage Race as well as nabbing the Best Under 25 Rider white jersey, a 5th place in the GC at the Redlands Cycling Classic, a 2nd at the Sea Otter Circuit, a 7th in the GC at the Tour of the Gila, and a 5th place at the Pan American Cycling Championships, what has been the most memorable moment of your season to date?

AdV: The result on the last day of Gila I was most happy with. That road race is notorious for being hard and it’s my third time there. The previous two times I missed out making the front group, I went pretty deep to stay with the leaders through the stage and didn’t think I would have much left at the end, I was happy to still be able to pull off a sprint.
I still need to get a win though!



OBB: No young rider can go far in this sport without the support of guys who have more miles and racing under their tires. Who makes this list for you and why?

AdV: I generally train alone but I have vivid memories of going out to Leechtown via Boneyard lake with Rob a few winters ago. I had never bonked that hard before nor since.
OBB: There’s a ton of Canadian talent making noise both at the continental and UCI level. You’ve donned the maple leaf on several occasions. What’s it like to represent Canada and what are your goals in the coming years when it comes to our national program?

AdV: It’s always exciting to race for Canada, sometimes I even get out of the oversize bag fees if I tell the check in attendants. It’s also great to race as teammates with guys your often racing against, most of them for the past 3 or 4 years now.
I want to race espoir worlds this year, that would include racing the Montreal and Quebec pro tour races as prep, that would be amazing.



OBB: What gets you more stoked, grabbing Strava KOMs or nailing a tough workout form the coach?

AdV: Strava is fun, but going for KOMs isn’t training. I use Strava more for its other features. I would rather nail a workout, I basically live on Neild road when I’m training In Victoria.
OBB: Speaking of coaching, describe one workout that you’ve seen contribute to some sort of growth in your development as a cyclist.

AdV: I was in the gym a lot this winter. Not doing complicated stuff just simple squats, deadlifts and leg press. I think it’s something all cyclist should do in the winter. That combined with the other workouts I mentioned earlier were key.



OBB: How important is recovery in your training and what does recovery look like to you?

AdV: I wouldn’t say I’m a recovery nut but I also don’t really go out much so it makes it easy. I am however a stickler for the “recovery window” and I’ll always have something delicious and often somewhat extravagant packed for post race.
OBB: Greg Lamond said ““It never gets easier, you just go faster.” True or false.

AdV: Very true, harder if anything. I went pretty deep in the Pan Ams road race, so much so that I got pretty ill later that night, just from the huge effort of the race.
OBB: Which World Tour rider are you a fan of? Why?

AdV: Svein is a badass and supports programs like Global Relay Bridge the Gap, an obvious choice.
I also can’t help but love Valverde, he can pull things off in so many scenarios. Maybe not the cleanest though.
OBB: What do you have on the PVR, classics or grand tour stages?

AdV: GT stages, but the hilly transitional stages where there are tons of groups, the break wins but there is also a GC battle going on. Giro is the best. It generally has the most heinous routes.
OBB: When you’re away from Victoria which local rides do you look forward to returning to?

AdV: OBB ride of course. Pretty much the only group ride I will do, it’s a ride I sort of started out doing and have been doing ever since.
OBB: Is there a specific product, whether it be nutritional or bike related, that you are loving right now?

AdV: I’m supported by Pro Snack who make Elevate Me bars. They are great for racing and training. You can get them from Thrifty’s and they are BC local.



OBB: You’ve been racing the Norco Tactic now for two seasons. How do you like the bike?

AdV: It’s a great machine, it’s nice that everything is standard and solid on it. Fancy integrated things are cool but when they break they are a huge PITA. I had a proprietary seat post break once while I was in Belgium, it took me three days to find a replacement and when I did they charged me 250 Euros for it.
OBB: Oak Bay Bikes is your home town local bike shop. Why?

AdV: I got my first bike from OBB back in the day when it was where Discovery coffee is, I also used to go in weekly just to look at a Norco Atomic they had upstairs. The group ride is great, the service is awesome, they support all the local cycling events, and it’s 2km from my house. It all just sort of fits.


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