In the summer of 2017 one of the Oak Bay Bikes’ staff, Lee, was talking to his co-workers about cross racing (#crossisathing) and everybody told him that he should try it. He thought racing isn’t really what he is about. For him, cycling is more about adventure, meditation, enjoyment, transportation and fitness. But they kept saying that it’s pretty supportive, fun, a heck of a workout and doesn’t have to be competitive.


Well, he thought about it for a bit and then convinced his fiancé Chelsea to sign up for the the Cross on the Rock series 2017 and try it out. On a Sunday in September they headed to Topaz Park for the first race of the season. The course looked interesting and there was a lot of excitement in the air. That day, they fell in love with cyclocross racing; and continued on to attend a few more races.

One year later, Lee and Chelsea are back in the game.

Follow their race adventures here as cross season unfolds.

First race of the season.


This year, I have even more stoke for cross racing.


At Topaz, we watched the beginners go and then Chelsea raced before it was my turn. This year the setup was a bit different. It was a running start with your bike from one pylon to another. The course was reversed from last year with more climbing and set of stairs to run up.


The siren sounded and we were off. The rain was falling, the grass was wet and slippery but I loved the course and was pretty worn out at the end of it. I was tired but stoked to be involved in the most enjoyable and interesting style of racing I’ve tried. The cyclocross community is pretty supportive. They cheer you on, heckle you in a fun way, give you candy and shots of all types of liquid as you race by and wear some sweet colourful clothing. I didn’t place the best but I had so much fun. You can race on almost any style of bike – and outfit!. I encourage you to give it a go. I’ll cheer you on.