4 in 4: “Outsprinting Uccellari”




“Ah mate the Tinder is pretty lame here.”



“Oh well, I suppose we could focus on the race then.”



The last time I’d seen James Chronis was at a beach bar in Romania and I was happy to report he hadn’t changed a bit. We spent a long summer of 2014 living together in Spain. I was injured most of the time and he had numerous incidents that really derailed much of his racing. I think we both helped each other get through it and we came out the other side “good mates” as they would say down under.



I saw a lot of Triathlon friends in Cagliari, and made a few new ones as well. One of the best parts of this sport is meeting like-minded people from all over the world and sharing unique racing experiences. Some more memorable than others.



This World Cup race in Italy was a first for the city, Cagliari, a first for the Island, Sardinia, and a first for the country, Italy.



“Oh it’s on an island? Well its probably hilly then.”



Not really sure why people say that, I mean yeah, they were right on this one. But still, is that always the case?



Who cares. This one was hilly.



I’d had a bad swim. Not what I needed really, not really at all. Next time I’ll warm up a bit better, don’t think I respected the quality of field enough.



Onto the bike I was chasing. Not unfamiliar, but not what I’d like to be doing. What I would’ve liked was if the boys up front waited for me a bit, kept a steady tempo up the 2km hill climb and kept an eye out for me on the descent. Of course, the exact opposite of that happened and after two laps of destroying myself to stay in the front pack I was dropped on the 3rd of four laps. About halfway up the climb.



It was a climb that I wasn’t ready to stay with the big dogs on. There aren’t many courses with a hill like this so it was certainly unique. And at the end of the day I had my weaknesses exposed. Back to the drawing board.



Coming off the bike the legs were fairly tired and guys were rolling past me from the second pack like I was standing still. I finally settled on another tall guy’s shoulder and let him hang out in the wind for a couple of laps.



Onto the finish straight and I had my eyes on the Italian. I thought I was going for top 20 which isn’t really that great but I mean it’s better than being in the 20’s. And we don’t get to just full out sprint every day so I’ll always give it a go.



No the race wasn’t all bad. It was a fairly competitive field and it at least showed where the work needs to be done (everything).




Have to give a shoutout to my parents for their continued support, wouldn’t be able to do it without them.




Back in Victoria now taking the next six weeks to build that fitness to the next level for the summer. Excited for the opportunity 🙂


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