Oak Bay Bikes Westshore: Carrie Tuck’s Ibis 29er Review


The Bio on Carrie Tuck


I’ve been an avid cyclist (road, track, XC mtn. bike) for the past 25 years, and a previous competitive national team (road and Mtn. bike) member from 1996-2003. Currently I enjoy weekend warrior rides with my husband Dave, nursing, and a childfree existence. I prefer to partake in the odd Grandfondo, whether it is single day or multi-day and whether it be road or Mtn. bike, I’m just happy to ride.


The Review




The Ibis Ripley 29 came into my life after the recommendation of a good old racing buddy and extensive research done by my partner in life, Dave. I had been grooving on a Santa Cruz Nomad for a few years when I decided it was time to get back into some Mtn. bike racing and bought my Santa Cruz Tallboy. After a few dumps on my head on the Tall boy due to the steep head angle, lack of travel and a longing to ride a lighter version of my Nomad, needless to say, I wanted a bike that suited my desire to ride island technical and climb faster. The nimble, agile Ripley 29 has been one of the best bikes to come into my life. It’s light enough to do some racing and with the slacker head angle (68.5 with RS Pike fork at 140mm travel) I’ve yet to seed my head into the forest. The Ripley has an amazing ability to handle technical ups with some of the most amazing ability to hug the trail when you least expect it. Technical downs are aided by the RS Reverb seat post, which came with the bike. Being an avid Shimano fan on the Mtn. bike, I macked it out with a complete XTR build, keeping it old school with a triple crank that I plan on removing the large chain ring and replacing it with a chain guard. The low gearing on the triple allows my lack of current fitness to not inhibit me in the places I want to go. Coming across an amazing deal on a set of Enve wheels was the only determining factor in an effort to “bling” out my bike, otherwise I would have gone with the stock Ibis wheels, which have proven to be bomb proof under Dave’s handling. The cockpit is adorned with slightly burlier attire using an Easton Haven carbon bar and Haven aluminum stem which stacks my bike out to a completed weight of 26lbs including XTR trail pedals and bottle cage. Overall, this bike is the highlight of my bicycle quiver and a beyond giggle-worthy ride. It gives me the feeling of confidence that I had lost on the Tallboy and it truly has lived up to every expectation I had of it.









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